Wooden platters, new look of cake

After midnight, accompanies the married couple and their guests at the wedding. It is the culminating point of birthdays, anniversaries and celebrate successes. Without a doubt, the cake acts as an integrating and tasty on several occasions. Sometimes everybody are waiting at him with longing, so it requires a more sophisticated and elegant entrance. Here comes platter, which is kind of clothing for any cakes or other tasty treats. It gives food a completely different and more appetizing appearance, being a decoration. Especially when revelers go beyond schemes and allow yourself to an intriguing wooden platters.


Wood at the wedding – casual elegance

The bride and groom have a lot of questions in their head before the wedding. What cake should they choose? How it present? Where put smaller and larger sweet? The luminaire of cake should be carefully planned. In the climate of scandinavian minimalism, vintage and rustic fits well with wooden platter with one, two or three slices of wood. By itself is unusual and natural. If you want to give her more unusual forms, you can add seasonal decorations from the woods or meadows. In winter it can be branches and cones of coniferous trees, spring – flowers, in autumn bouquet of leaves and chestnuts, and in the summer blueberries, raspberries or fern leaves.



Wooden platters for foodies

The arrangement of space and the way of serving desserts in restaurants, cafes and pastry shops have a substantial impact on customer interest and their fancy tasting the sweetness. Magic appearance of premises can create by entering to the interior the wood and moss.


Wooden platters from the practical side

Dishes are subjected to a process of long-term drying, sanding and impregnation and filling gaps. They are safe, durable and resistant to moisture.

Specifications: platters are created primarily from birch wood, are made to order and are available in many variants – single-stage or multistage. You can personalize: engrave logo or burn inscription and shape.