Wooden numbers on the wedding table

To well organize the wedding guests should prepare the appropriate list and numbered tables. In this way we will avoid confusion and conflict among the guests. Everyone will be well oriented in position tables. Although they may seem like extra things, in practice make it easy to navigate through the wedding hall, as well as uphold harmony and good atmosphere among all the guests. Especially when they have an interesting form and unique appearance, so that the numbers on the wedding tables made of wood.

Numerki na stoły

Personalized decorations

The strength of natural materials is that they are unique. Even slices cut from the same trunk have a slightly different texture and bark. The numbers on the wedding tables are created with fine wood of birch and pine, which is subjected to the process of milling and grinding. Even more possibilities will give the imposition number on a piece of wood. Depending on the nature of weddings and expectations newlyweds, numbers can be engraved, painted, cut or burned.


Specifications: numbers made from birch wood may have a diameter: 10 – 13 cm, made from pine wood: 15 – 18 cm. You can adjust its size to your needs.

Numery na stoły