Wooden candlestick – minimalism and subtlety

Wooden candle holders are made of halves or quarters slice of pine wood. Interesting texture combined with subtle tealights introduces harmony. Well fit to the clean and spacious rooms, as well as a more cozy. During the summer, when nature is in full bloom, you can arrange original terrace where rustic candlesticks will decorate the tables.


Candlestick with tealights – rustic wedding

You can decorate candlesticks wild plants, and in the fall or roan-tree cones. Such decorations can appear on the tables, but also in the corner with a guestbook. If event takes place outdoors, any wood accents are the nicer welcome, especially after sunset. Wooden decorations are changing under the influence of details – can be subtle, elegant, vintage, sometimes more modern.


Specifications: candlesticks are created mainly of pine. Smooth texture gives them the process of milling and grinding. Depending on the needs and expectations can be personalized, engraved on one inscription, image or initials.