Vignettes in the form of slices of wood? Why not!

The addition, which should appear on any wedding are vignettes. They have a decorative and organizational function. Newlyweds can avoid family conflicts resulting from improper seating guests and the general clutter. From thebeginning everyone will know where to sit. Vignette can also be a great decoration of the wedding tables.

Winietki_weselne  Winietki_weselne_2  Winietki_weselne_3

Each patch is a bit different, so every guest can feel special. These types of decorations are admitted with the great enthusiasm and gladly taken by visitors to their homes. There may be used as decorations or placemat under cups and candles.


Vignettes are solidly and accurately made. Both sides are grinded and carefully finished. The diameter of the vignettes 6 – 8 cm and a thickness of 1 cm. On wooden vignettes it is possible to engrave or burn any pattern or inscription.