Rustic accent – serving boards

Depending on the small differences in the shade of wood or thick bark, wooden boards present themselves very subtly or austerely, becoming a strong, eye-catching accent. They arise from the light in the form of a birch or walnut wood, which is ideal for serving meats. The elegant edition boards Serving become a decorative tray to delivering glasses of champagne or drinks at a party.

Plank of wood can be used in restaurants with Polish cuisine, based on venison, but also with fusion and oriental cuisine. Impression of controlled chaos and disorder harmony in order to arouse the interest give several boards superimposed, arranged irregularly. This decoration will gain character when you stand on it a variety of snacks, cakes and muffins.


Reliability and universality serving boards

Well dried, treated wood with sealed gaps works much better than its plastic counterparts – inhibits the growth of of bacteria and is more resistant. Serving board from birch or walnut wood is much thicker, which is more stable and more solid.


Specifications: boards are created from walnut and birch wood. You can personalize, engraved logo. The diameter depends on the width of the tree is the average of 20 – 28 cm.