Medale drewniane
Stoliki z pnia

Slices have a lot of applications. Thanks to our customers, we present some of them. We are pleased that you dend us photos with your arrangement. It fills us satisfaction and motivates us to continue to work on expanding the offer.

Rustic wedding Anna and David

Anna and David chose slices of birch wood for the tables and the wedding cake stand. The whole well composed with flowers. We are very pleased that more and more couples are choosing to idyllic decoration wedding hall.
rustykalne-wesele-1 rustykalne-wesele-2 Rustykalne wesele Rustykalne wesele Rustykalne wesele

Platters for cake

For Pestka Catering with logo:

patery-na-tort patery-do-tortu Patery-na-tort

On wedding:

Patera_5_poziomow Patera_5_poziomow_2 Patera_5_poziomow_3

Wedding Oksana and Wojtek

Oksana_wojtek   Oksana_wojtek_1   Oksana_wojtek_2   Oksana_wojtek_3

Table made from tree trunk

Mr Luke decided to make his wife a gift in the form of a new coffee table. Table top is polished slice of poplar wood with diameter of 60-70 cm and 10 cm thick.

Stolik z plastra drewna

Wooden slices on the wall

One of our clients has an unusual passion – collecting cups. Slices are part of the exhibition this wonderful collection.

Plastry drewna na ścianie

Medals from wooden slices

In small town took place first mountain cross. Each participant received an engraved medal of wooden slice. Congratulations to all participants and wish them further success.

Medal z drewna   medal-plastry-drewna   Medal-z-plastra-drenwa

Cake stand made from birch wood

Mrs. Agnes’s wedding cake. We must admit that the decoration looks amazing.

Podstawka pod tort Podstawka pod tort

Table made from tree trunk

Once again we had the pleasure to deliver a table from the trunk of birch wood. This time, however, the concept was slightly different. We decided on a complete naturalness. Tabletop is very interesting, because we fired our client’s logo.

stolik z pnia stolik z pnia

Bakery Omar
Slices were used as decoration elements at the fairfood industry ANUGA 2015 in Cologne.

OmarOmar_1   Omar_2   Omar_3

Mirabell mandala art

mandala1   mandala2   mandala3   mandala4   mandala6

Slices in saddlery

Mr Andrzej uses slices in saddlery to make leather covers for knives.

Rymarstwo   Rymarstwo_1   Rymarstwo_2

Painting on wood slices

Workshop „On the stump painted” have taken place during the festival Kids Love Design 2016 in Szczecin and Police. We had pleasure deliver slices od birch for these children.

Malowanie na plastrach drewna Malowanie na plastrach drewna Malowanie na plastrach drewna Malowanie na plastrach drewna

The carved wooden clock

Mr Thomas creates unique carved wooden clock. They are made from slices of ash wood.

zegar-plaster-drewna zegar-plaster-drewna zegar-plaster-drewna