Planks with bark – universality closed in simplicity

Furnishing an apartment, refurbishing your studio or selecting decorations for the wedding can easily overdo it. Sometimes better to choose natural objects, which on one hand are simple and minimalist, and the other very original. A good example are the boards with bark, classic pieces of wood.


Their austerity corresponds to modern Scandinavian style, but also with spaces decorated in a climate of loft or more traditional highlander or rustic decorations. Boards are cut from the dried poplar, birch, linden or walnut. They are resistant to moisture and destruction resulting from everyday use. They can serve as a decorative stand for aromatic roast of venison or other meats. Successfully replace today’s already popular farmhouse table and bring some folk character, especially if you will cover them headscarf in folk stripes or embroidery. In the spring and summer board with bark decorate picnic tables or patio gardens, becoming a tray for giving delicious coffee.


Specifications: boards are formed from the dried linden, poplar, walnut or birch wood. Their length and thickness depends on the preferences and the type of the selected tree species.