Candlesticks made of birch – unforgettable atmosphere not only at the wedding

Preparation your wedding requires a lot of efforts and time. On unique wedding can not do without special candlesticks. These are made of birch wood look extremely impressive and bring a romantic, idyllic atmosphere. We put them on the wedding hall or around the wedding house and ignite when nightfall. They are also a great addition for weddings organized in the open air. The climate will be perfect for an all the guests an excellent time.

Świecznik brzozowy Drewniany świecznik

Candlesticks made of are made of pieces of birch stump and surrounded by the natural white bark. In the middle is a hole in which we can put tealights. Candles may be of any color, depending on whether a color is leading the party. You can also choose scented candles, which will not only beautifully illuminate the surroundings but also spread a nice smell. This type of candlesticks are ecological and environmentally friendly product.

Birch candlesticks is not only a perfect allowance to the wedding. We can also use them later or order in a different purpose. Placed in the living room by the fireplace or on the nightstand in the bedroom create an amazing, romantic atmosphere. This type of supplement is versatile enough that you do not have to dispose of it immediately after the event. Birch candlesticks are ideal as a gift. If we add to them colored and scented tealights get a wonderful duet.

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